The Rundown – Anthony Bourdain, Breakfast and the Death of the MP3

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The Rundown

There’s nothing more inspiring than being tenacious, working hard and making your own luck. That’s basically the story of Lydia Tenaglia, who helped shape Anthony Bourdain into a TV host. This Vice profile on Tenaglia should be required reading for anyone trying to bootstrap their dreams.

Have you ever wondered what it would cost you to travel in Namibia? Well, Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps has you covered with her great piece on the cost of her time in the southwest African country.

So this one is basically a recommendation of a recommendation. That said, thus list of 50 Books Recommended by This Years TED Speakers is a goldmine of knowledge. It’s gonna take me a while to work through this one.

I’m not very good at eating breakfast. Ask my wife, she knows. But if breakfast looked like some these dishes from around the world, I might make the effort more often.

Apparently the MP3 file format is on its way to hang out with the Betamax and 8 track, so what does that mean if you’re a filmmaker?

And for all my photographers out there, a spirited defense of the zoom lens.

Yes, I will try an espresso tonic, please.


*The featured image was taken at 8th Wonder Brewery in Houston, Texas. It’s all about the Dome Faux’m.

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