The Rundown – Summer Music, #ShutterHappy and Steaks

Summer has officially hit here in Houston and it’s hot. Like, really hot. And it’s only June. This can’t be good. With that being said, let’s jump right into The Rundown for the day.

The Rundown

Everyone likes a good summer soundtrack and this week I’m starting mine off with a cut from local Houston artist Tee Vee.

Tee Vee is Houston based artist Teresa Vicinanza, who also fronts the band Rose Ette, and you can find a great interview with here over at Impose Magazine.  Produced by Trey Ferguson & Vicinanza, “Angel Eyes” is a super fun synth-pop way to start the hottest season of the year.

Karen Walrond over at Chookooloonks just launched a great new 21-day photo meditation called #shutterhappy. At only $21 for the whole course, this is a steal.

I have a tendency to eat a lot of meat. A lot of meat. So this Tasty guide to cooking cheap and expensive steaks is exactly what I was looking for.

I’m working on setting up my home office so expect more content once that’s up and going. I feel a mobile coffee station coming on. Now go create!


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