I Create Nothing

I’m Kevin R. Thompson and every single day I Create Nothing. That’s more of a statement of fact than an opinion. Every single thing I do, whether photography, shooting a film, writing or making music, is simply borrowed magic from the universe and everyone that has influenced me or directly taught me. I am a product of the brilliant people that I know, admire and look up to. Some of those people are Matt & Cameron Hammon, Brené Brown, Karen Walrond, Daniel Wood, Nate Metzger, Katie Metzger, Scott Erickson and countless more.

In her book “Big Magic“, the author Liz Gilbert talks about creativity as a partnership between the actor and and the idea. Creativity comes down and alights upon us at the right moment, sometimes the wrong moment and all too frequently, for a very brief time. It’s in that moment that we make the decision to connect with that force and let the idea become something more.

The people we surround ourselves with, confide in and call friends are constantly influencing us, pushing us to new heights of creativity and inspiration. Everything I create is because of them.


About Me

Husband. Musician. Writer. Wannabe Photographer and Filmmaker. Dog Owner/Father. Hat Wearer.  In a constant struggle to look as cool as I did when I was seven years old. Learn more at kevinrthompson.com.