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Pikachu Hats For All

Grab your very own Pikachu hat here from rad designer Rogie. Where will Pikachu pop up next?!?!?!…

brandon rike
Creativity Design

How to Stay Motivated Creatively

This weekend I listened to a new episode from one of my favorite podcasts, Andy J. Miller‘s The Creative Pep Talk, which focused on how to stay inspired and motivated with graphic artist Brandon Rike. One thing that struck me…

Design Film

Disassembly: Making Old Things New

I am guilty of having lots of old things laying around my house that no longer have a purpose to serve in my life. They aren’t useless, just out of use. I’m also guilty of casually throwing away things…

minimal movie poster

Minimal Movie Posters

Movie posters are art. Well, most movie posters. There’s some exceptions but the process of distilling a film down to one print is something that I consider an art form. Being a huge fan of minimalist art, I’ve kept…

Design Inspire

When Dogs Smile, We All Smile

Alex Cearns of the brilliant Perth-based Houndstooth Studio has been photographing dogs, and lots of other animals, for more than 10 years. His latest series, entitled “Happy Pooch Face” is made up of simple studio shoots of dogs smiling. You…


Into The Chemex Factory

I love coffee. I also love history. So naturally, this look into the often camera shy Chemex company caught my eye. Liz Clayton over at gives us a glimpse inside the the factory and brand that makes what I…

new year
Design Inspire

So This Is The New Year

Confession: I’m really not very good at holidays, especially  the New Year. I get super introspective and end up trying to cram a bunch of unnecessary resolutions to help improve things that I’m mostly just insecure about. I take…

soviet design

The Brilliance and Design of Soviet Propaganda

There’s something stark about Soviet design and propaganda art. The harsh lines. Limited colors. Lenin lurking ominously in the background. There’s also something very intriguing in it. Those same harsh lines speak of a reality that I have no…

street art

Amazon Street Art Project

After spending the weekend in downtown Houston taking pictures and watching people fight to get into clubs on Main St., I’m very ready for a normal and slow Monday. To kick it off, Amazon just released a limited edition…

Design Film

Intersections: Light and Cast Shadow

Every once in a while some truly amazing art exhibitions come to Houston. Anila Quayyum Agha‘s Intersections, currently on display at the Rice Gallery at Rice University, is definitely one of them. Using the intersection of light and cast shadow, Agha…