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Sony A7S II
Film Gear

A Sony A7S II in Bangladesh

The more I see of Sony’s A7 series, the more I wish I’d started shooting mirrorless. The depth of color that the Sony A7S II gets in these shots from the northern section of Bangladesh is absolutely beautiful. The compact…


Vinta S Series Review: Form And Function

  A few months ago I stumbled across a camera/travel bag from a new company called Vinta. Billed as a bag for the “modern traveler”, the Vinta S Series fits somewhere between a less canvas version of a Bradley Mountain…

travel bag
Gear Travel

What’s In Your Travel Bag?

I recently got back from a trip to Paris and Amsterdam with my parents and beautiful wife (pictured above.) My packing technique was a bit different than normal because the place we stayed at had a washing machine (thanks…


Vinta S-Series Travel & Camera Bag

Updated 09/19/16: You can check out the full review of the Vinta S Series camera/travel bag here. I’ve used a lot of different camera bags to carry my Nikon D750 around, but nothing I’ve found is more stylish than…


Tools of the Trade: Nikon D750

Every photographer has their favorite. I have good friends that swear by their Fujifilm mirrorless setups (I’d totally buy one if I didn’t already have my setup) and some that are loyal only to a single brand, which usually makes…

Gear Travel

Want a Free Lonely Planet Travel Guide?

I’ve always been a pretty off the cuff traveler, tending to use guidebooks as more of a before trip inspiration instead of an in the moment experience. That looks like it’s about to change with the release of Lonely…

every day carry

Every Day Carry: Morning Routine

  My morning routine is pretty simple. Wake up, shower, find clothes and other Every Day Carry essentials, get coffee and go to work. The best part of that routine is the shaving process. Not only is it invigorating,…


Pulse Camera Remote

You’ve got about 36 hours left to get in on the Kickstarter campaign for the Pulse Camera Remote from Alpine Labs. I’ve used a few remotes in my photography but none have allowed me to change the shutter speed, aperture or ISO. My…


Bull & Stash Notebooks

If you’re looking for a gift for that special writer in your life, look no further than Bull & Stash. The company’s handmade in the U.S. leather notebooks come in normal or travel (my preferred) size and come with…


Cyber Monday Madness

Cyber Monday Still didn’t get enough shopping in over the Thanksgiving holidays? Well Cool Material has you covered with their guide to the best steals on Cyber Monday for that special person in your life. From boots to a…