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how to take a picture
Creativity Photography

How To Take A Picture

Press the button. In 2005 I bought my first personal camera. It was a tiny HP Photosmart digital camera that I carried with me everywhere. It had no manual settings whatsoever but it could fit in my pocket. All…

Music Photography

Cameron Dezen Hammon in Houston

Update: Cameron is taking the live recording and producing a new live album. Check out her IndieGoGo campaign to help her finish the new record.  There’s nothing quite like watching your friends do what they do best. Catching someone in…


A Walk on the Galveston Seawall

There’s something cathartic about walking around water. The sound it makes washing against the rocks helps soothe the mind and soul in a way that few things can. My wife and I spent a few days in Galveston, Texas…

Photography Travel

Lars Schneider on Photography, Adventure and Travel

  It’s hard to think about adventure photography without running into the brilliant mind of German photographer Lars Schneider. His landscape photography is absolutely breathtaking and this short film from Peter Bender really digs into what inspires Schneider and how…


A Dog at 85mm

My dog has a really funny and often weird personality. She stares at you for no reason with a look that seems to peer directly into your soul. She’s also the most compassionate dog I’ve ever met. I can’t…

Photography Travel

Portland In Pictures

I’m really bad about taking pictures of things that you should probably take pictures of when on vacation, so that’s why my trip to Portland looks more like friends walking, random streets and lots of food and drinks. I’ve…


Shooting Film in a Digital Age

By Daniel Wood Let me first start by saying I don’t want this to be a film is better or digital is better discussion. It’s useless as they both have their reasons for using. And luckily for both camps,…