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Remember Them

I had a post all ready to go this morning on how travel changes the way you look at the world but then I woke up to the news of more Americans dead, this time five police officers in…


Brussels – When Words Don’t Cut It

There’s a funny thing about creativity. Sometimes it leaves you right when you need it most to interpret the world around you. Last November I was glued to every media source that I could find, including Periscope, to process…



First things first. This is not a political statement. I could write one of those but it would just be another of the million pieces trying to sway your opinion. That’s not my job. I recently turned on Erin Burnett…


Millennials Like To Dream Big, Even In Politics

Something about my generation has struck me pretty hard lately. I’m a millennial but just barely. I was born in 1984, right around the cutoff for millennial or Gen-Xer and I scored only 61% on Pew Research Center’s ‘How…

Inspiration Think

The Trouble With Being Yourself

Far better to live your own path imperfectly than to live another’s perfectly. – Bhagavad Gita I have the unfortunately amazing ability to be any person that I want to be. I can slip in and out of personas, clothing…

nuclear war

The Ever Thin Line That Almost Snapped in 1995

The date January 25 probably doesn’t hold too many memories for most people. It’s close to February so It’s still cold and bleak, unless you live in Houston like me, and you’re probably recovering from the holiday spending and…


Creativity, Vulnerability and Shame

There’s a piece in 12 Rules Of Creativity by Michael Atavar that says; At all times in the creative process, great care must be taken to protect your soft and vulnerable qualities. I wrestled with that statement for a…

Lifestyle Think

Experiences Over Things

Last Sunday we spent the entire day taking my in-laws on a scavenger hunt through San Antonio. From eating at the spot where they got engaged to watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at the children’s theater that my wife…

compassion collective

The Compassion Collective

I’m a big fan of author and researcher Brené Brown and am really excited about a new project she is involved in called The Compassion Collective. The aim is to raise $1 million dollars  for refugees in 48 hours through…